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Looking for an example CV? Well you are about to discover something quite unique that is guaranteed to land you more job interviews.

Example CVExample CV With A Difference

Whether you are looking for an example academic CV or an example CV for grad school, you will simply love what The Personality Certificate can do for your career.

It was designed to achieve one thing – get you more job interviews.

There are thousands of example CVs you can download however there is only one Personality Certificate and a CV with this on it, is far more likely to catch an employer’s eye and see you in the short list of candidates.

An Example CV that actually works

So when you order your Personality Certificate you also receive an sample CV that actually gets job interviews.

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You Only Get A Couple of Seconds

I have worked with employers and recruitment consultants for over ten years and seen up close how the recruitment process works.

While I strive to improve the process, I have to admit that many CVs are only glanced at in the first instance.

The trouble is that employers receive so many applications for each job role, that they do not have the time to read through each one carefully.

If you have applied for jobs that you figured you had a good chance of getting, yet didn’t even receive a reply, it’s probably got nothing to do with your ability to do the job. You are quite simply another victim of the very rough recruitment process.

So when you write your CV, you need to make sure it catches the employers eye in the first glance. You need to do something that makes them pause to take a slightly longer look.

This is exactly what your Personality Certificate does.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for free and you be the judge. Discover what your Personality Certificate will say to an employer about you.


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