CV Template

Finding a CV Template that actually gets you job interviews is more difficult than you would imagine.

There are plenty to chose from but what is it that makes the difference between landing a job interview and your CV (curriculum vitae) just landing in the bin.

CV templateWell there is of course some luck involved, particularly if you are using a traditional approach to job hunting i.e battering of CVs to job adverts. Having worked with employers for many years I have to tell you that the process is far from professional in many instances.

Many CVs get thrown in the bin without even being read.

However we can’t do much about these extremely bad practices. It is better that we spend our energy investing in things we have some control over.

A CV Template That Gets Results

So what is your CV to accomplish?

Well at risk of stating the obvious, it’s only function is to land you a job interview.

However when most people sit down to write their CV they lose sight of this. What people tend to do is try and get a job offer.

There is a huge difference between getting a job interview and getting a job offer. This is why we developed The Personality Certificate.

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CV Template Download

Your Personality Certificate comes complete with its own CV sample and CV template download (resume template).

Your Personality Certificate is designed to be embedded in your CV and give you a significant advantage over the hundreds of other candidates.

Somehow you have to ensure your CV gets added to the short list and does not get chucked in the bin. And you only have a few seconds to achive this.

What can you do with your CV in a few seconds?

Well you can embed your Personality Certificate into your CV and show an employer something they have never seen before. Use your certificate to quickly catch the employer attention and interest. This is often all you need to get yourself added to the interview pile.

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