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Discover just how insightful the report is and how you can use it to land you more job interviews.

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Blank CV Template That Gets Results

Looking for a Blank CV Template?

Be Careful Which Blank CV Template You Use

There are plenty of blank CV templates out there but many of them will do your career more harm than good. If you are job hunting then you do not want to waste time or take chances.









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Free CV Template Download

Looking for a free CV Template to download?

Free CV Template Download with a Difference

The web is full of CV templates but are any of them guaranteed to get you more job interviews?

Probably not.

This is why you need to do something a little different from the hundreds of other candidates you are up against.

If you want to get an interview you need to stand out.

Free CV Template DownloadHow To Make Your CV Stand Out

Well you could use a free CV Template download with photo but do you thin that’s enough?

The first thing you have to know is that you will never stand out if you use the same CV template that all the other candidate’s are using.

If you want to stand out, get noticed and receive a money back guarantee that you will get more interviews, then you need to use the CV template provided when you order your Personality Certificate.

Guaranteed More Interviews

By embedding your Personality Certificate in your CV, it provides employers what they are looking for and helps your CV stand out against all the others.

Remember you could be one of two or three hundred applications, so anything you can do to catch the employers eye quickly, has got to help your chances of getting an interview.

This is why your Personality Certificate comes with a money back guarantee.

If you do not feel that you are getting more interviews as a result of using the Personality Certificate then you can make use of the 30 day money back guarantee.

Break Away From The Crowd

It’s time to break away from the crowd and show employers that you are different.

If you only imitate what everyone else is doing when it comes to job hunting how is an employer going to know to pick you instead of someone else?

Employers Buy Personality Reports Already

You should know that employers spend £100 million every year on personality reports, to help them make better hiring decisions.

When you include your Personality Certificate with your CV, you are providing them with a personality report; something they usually have to pay for.

This is another reason an employer is likely to invite you to interview.



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Student CV Template

A Student CV Template is a difficult thing because there is generally there is very little work experience to be included.

This is a problem because what employers are usually looking for is work experience.

Student CV TemplateA Student CV Template That Get You Job Interviews

The Personality Certificate is perfect for students, because it gives you something else to talk about other than your swimming badge.

Let’s face it the recruitment process looks at three areas;

  1. Qualifications
  2. Work Experience
  3. Personality

As a student you are probably up against other students with similar or even identical qualifications, so there it’s difficult to give yourself an edge.

And we have already established that you probably have no work experience worth talking about. Remember employers are only really interested in relevant work experience.

This leaves you with nothing to work with other than personality.

For most people this is a bit of a disaster but if you have your Personality Certificate, this now gives you a significant advantage.

A Student CV Template That Actually Works

You have a couple of seconds to catch an employers eye and to do it with your personality. This is a very tall order on a CV as it’s a drab document by nature.

However when you embed your personality Certificate into page 1 of your CV it stands out and gets you noticed. Employers love personality reports and spend million every year on them.

So imagine how thrilled they are when you provide them with your personality report and they didn’t even have to pay for it.

You have to help employers through this very boring experience. Give them something that relieves the boredom. Give them something intriguing

Student CV Template Word

Along with your Personality Certificate you are also provided with a Word document you can download and use. This will get you up and running quickly and within minutes of receiving your Personality Certificate you can have it in you actual CV, ready to send to your next employer.

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Example CV

Looking for an example CV? Well you are about to discover something quite unique that is guaranteed to land you more job interviews.

Example CVExample CV With A Difference

Whether you are looking for an example academic CV or an example CV for grad school, you will simply love what The Personality Certificate can do for your career.

It was designed to achieve one thing – get you more job interviews.

There are thousands of example CVs you can download however there is only one Personality Certificate and a CV with this on it, is far more likely to catch an employer’s eye and see you in the short list of candidates.

An Example CV that actually works

So when you order your Personality Certificate you also receive an sample CV that actually gets job interviews.

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You Only Get A Couple of Seconds

I have worked with employers and recruitment consultants for over ten years and seen up close how the recruitment process works.

While I strive to improve the process, I have to admit that many CVs are only glanced at in the first instance.

The trouble is that employers receive so many applications for each job role, that they do not have the time to read through each one carefully.

If you have applied for jobs that you figured you had a good chance of getting, yet didn’t even receive a reply, it’s probably got nothing to do with your ability to do the job. You are quite simply another victim of the very rough recruitment process.

So when you write your CV, you need to make sure it catches the employers eye in the first glance. You need to do something that makes them pause to take a slightly longer look.

This is exactly what your Personality Certificate does.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for free and you be the judge. Discover what your Personality Certificate will say to an employer about you.


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How To Write A Good CV

So do you know how to write a good CV?

It’s more difficult than you imagine. Most people repeat the same old mistakes again and again.

How to write a good cv with no work experience

how to write a good cvOne of the most challenging things of all is to write a CV when you have perhaps just recently graduated or where you have no work experience.

This is where your Personality Certificate comes into its own.

The chances are the jobs that you are applying for are not expecting applicants to have much work experience, which leaves employers with only two things to look at;

  1. Qualifications
  2. Personality

And again there is a good chance that the employer has set minimum qualification levels which means that every applicants will have pretty much the same qualifications.

This means that the only thing the employer has left is personality. In other words – “who are you?”

This is why the Personality Certificate is absolutely essential when you are applying for jobs and you have little or no work experience.

When you upgrade and order your Personality Certificate you will also discover how to write a good CV for a student and how to write a good CV for retail.

If you want to see an example of a good CV (resume) then try it for free. Click below to see what your Personality Certificate will tell an employer about you.

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When you upgrade and get your actual Personality Certificate you will also receive additional training, which includes things like how to write a good CV profile.

CV Template will show you how to write a good CV

Along with your Personality Certificate you will receive a CV template that is designed to let you easily embed your Personality Certificate in the most advantages place. This template will help ensure your Personality Certificate gets noticed and more importantly gets you job interviews.


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CV Template

Finding a CV Template that actually gets you job interviews is more difficult than you would imagine.

There are plenty to chose from but what is it that makes the difference between landing a job interview and your CV (curriculum vitae) just landing in the bin.

CV templateWell there is of course some luck involved, particularly if you are using a traditional approach to job hunting i.e battering of CVs to job adverts. Having worked with employers for many years I have to tell you that the process is far from professional in many instances.

Many CVs get thrown in the bin without even being read.

However we can’t do much about these extremely bad practices. It is better that we spend our energy investing in things we have some control over.

A CV Template That Gets Results

So what is your CV to accomplish?

Well at risk of stating the obvious, it’s only function is to land you a job interview.

However when most people sit down to write their CV they lose sight of this. What people tend to do is try and get a job offer.

There is a huge difference between getting a job interview and getting a job offer. This is why we developed The Personality Certificate.

Try It Now

CV Template Download

Your Personality Certificate comes complete with its own CV sample and CV template download (resume template).

Your Personality Certificate is designed to be embedded in your CV and give you a significant advantage over the hundreds of other candidates.

Somehow you have to ensure your CV gets added to the short list and does not get chucked in the bin. And you only have a few seconds to achive this.

What can you do with your CV in a few seconds?

Well you can embed your Personality Certificate into your CV and show an employer something they have never seen before. Use your certificate to quickly catch the employer attention and interest. This is often all you need to get yourself added to the interview pile.

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