PersonalityCertificate.com is a division of PeopleMaps Ltd. Both the personality content and the technology are developed and published by PeopleMaps Ltd.

PeopleMaps was established in 2001 to help jobseekers make better career choices and get the jobs they wanted. PeopleMaps believes that while your CV should give a comprehensive overview of your work experience, education and skill set, it is only one dimensional. It cannot describe your interpersonal skills, your work ethics, your motivations, your career goals, etc, in short, your unique personality.

Personality profiling has been around for a long time and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. More recently, Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, created his model to further define personality types.

Jung’s work lead to the publication in 1962 of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, perhaps the best known offline profiling system in the world. With the advent of new technology and tools PeopleMaps has developed an online profiling system which offers the same accuracy and insight but is quicker and which can be offered less expensively than other systems.

Over 75% of employers already use personality profiling extensively to build a more coherent picture of candidates and their unique personality strengths and development areas.

PersonalityCertificate is designed to empower jobseekers and employers to use what profiling can offer and make more insightful decisions in three dimensions.

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